Brian Cage Provides Update Following Injury At IMPACT Rebellion

IMPACT Wrestling World Champion Brian Cage was interviewed on Sirius XM’s “Busted Open” to discuss the injury suffered during his match at last night’s Rebellion pay-per-view (PPV). After winning the World Title from Johnny Impact, Cage was rushed to the hospital for an apparent back injury. Cage explained what happened during the injury and if he’ll be back soon.

Here are the highlights:

What exactly happened at the time he was injured:

So, right away, right when we hit, I’m rolling – and this pain shoots down my leg, just a feeling I’ve never had before in my leg. Instantly I’m thinking ruptured disk or whatever. My back is f*cked and I’m going to have to have surgery or something. Then, ‘Okay, hold on, maybe it’ll go away.’ Just trying to enter the ring after that moment, rolling into the ring, turning my hip over, trying to get up, I just felt like there was no strength there.

And the pain shot down my leg again, I was like ‘crap.’ It was still almost a little bit better. ‘Maybe it’ll subside here in a couple and it’s just a flash thing.’ And then I was in the corner and I was saying to Johnny, I was trying to move – I couldn’t. I felt – no pun intended – so robotic in my movement because of the pain. I said ‘Okay, this is serious.’

Like I just said opening the interview, I didn’t know to what degree or ‘Okay, am I going to need back surgery now, what’s going on?’ Because I’ve never had this kind of pain in my back that felt nerve related so to speak.

It sounds like he’ll be back soon:

Yeah, it doesn’t look like I’m going out. The way he looked at it, he goes, ‘Look, I think you’re going to be fine, I think you just have severe inflammation and bone bruise. There could be a small fracture there, I would like to rule that out. However, if it is a fracture, I don’t see it being any major fracture. Even then, there’s not like you can do much for that. Maybe just air on the side of caution and do that.

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