Kevin Nash Celebrates ‘The Boys’ Getting Back Together In Liverpool (Photo), ‘Row With Rowan’ On Celtic Warrior Workouts

Kevin Nash Celebrates ‘The Boys’ Getting Together

Several WWE Hall of Famers and wrestling legends got together for the “For The Love Of Wrestling” convention in Liverpool, UK over the weekend. The talent was in attendance for meet and greets and Q&A sessions for the UK crowd and Kevin Nash got himself quite the photo-op with his fellow legends. Big Sexy shared the picture on Instagram and gave a few words as what it means to be “one of the boys.”

What our business is all about. We have all had disagreements but at the end of the day we’re all family. The membership to being one of the boyz is never taken lightly.

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‘Row With Rowan’ On Celtic Warrior Workouts

Daniel Bryan’s right hand man was on hand with Sheamus in a recent episode of “Celtic Warrior Workouts” and Erick Rowan showed his fellow redbeard the ways of rowing:


WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… Some cynics out there might say I made in this Rowing with Rowan IN ROANOKE! video just to get likes & views because it just sounds good. And some of these cynics would be right. But how many times in your life do you actually get to go Rowing in a guy called Rowan when you happen to be in Roanoke, Virginia? I am guessing not many. Plus he’s a real live ginger bearded viking giant so pretty much anything you do with Rowan is a first. None the less, enjoy this Rowing with Rowan in Roanoke video as you may never see another and always remember to… Brave Change.