Michael Hayes Retells Freebirds vs. JYD Story: ‘They Had Undercover Cops in the Audience’

Michael Hayes recently joined the SiriusXM Busted Open Radio show to discuss the story of The Freebirds vs. JYD in Lake Charles, LA. The story itself is a wild one, and goes to show just how crazy the 80s wrestling scene was in the Mid-South Wrestling area.

First, Hayes discussed the chaos around the wrestling scene back then, and how crazy fans would get if things happened in the ring. “If you got your ass whooped, that was a win,” he said. “As long as you made it back to the dressing room, it didn’t matter what happened.”

Speaking to the Freebirds vs. JYD story, Hayes discussed how undercover cops had to be inserted into the crowd at Lake Charles. “They had undercover cops in the audience because people would have these water pistols and put liquid plumber in it,” he said. “And one time it just broke out real bad and all of the sudden I see Buddy running, and I thought someone cut him…he’s running as fast as he can in the direction of the dressing room, and all they had was this little piece of cow rope…and damn, if he didn’t just run right into that and clothesline his ass.”

According to Hayes, it took Buddy about 30 minutes to actually rinse the substance out of his eye, and during the time, they needed to to be driven directly to their dressing room door by police. The story ends with Hayes mentioning how during the last night of the show, police actually stopped someone who had a gun with bullets engraved with “Freebirds” on it from attempting to shoot the duo.

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