Lanny Poffo Says Chris Jericho Has Talent ‘In Spades’, Shares His Favorite Part Of Convention Appearances

I was fortunate enough to interview “The Genius” Lanny Poffo before he makes an appearance at the upcoming ’80s Wrestling Con in Freehold, NJ on April 27th. Poffo touches upon several of his recent ventures in wrestling including his commentary “vacation” he took with New Japan Pro-Wrestling. On a related note, Poffo praised a number of talents working for New Japan during his time there, particularly Chris Jericho:

“He’s got it in spades. He’s got more than he needs. And he keeps changing his persona and I tell ya, the guy is phenomenal and of course, Kenny Omega. He won match of the year two years in a row, that’s unheard of and yet, go on YouTube and watch these matches, I dare, I dare you to pick that apart. He deserves everything he’s getting.

I also really like the tag team known as The Young Bucks. They are fantastic people and they let me on their Being The Elite show. I was on episode 101…I was so happy to be on that show that gave me a pulse.”

With his appearance at ’80s Wrestling Con approaching, Poffo commented on his favorite aspect of attending wrestling conventions:

“Well my favorite thing to do is to bring my brother’s Hall Of Fame ring with me and I get to let the fans wear it. We take a picture together then instead of just a picture we got a keepsake. And that’s what the fans enjoy the most and I like to make the fans happy.”

Poffo mentioned his father’s Ripley’s World Record for sit-ups, joking that his father might have achieved the feat but he now enjoys a life of relaxation:

“He had a world record with Ripley’s Believe It Or Not, 6,033 consecutive sit-ups in four hours and ten minutes.

Well, I am no threat to break the record and I consider a sit-up to be getting out of bed in the morning. I read the obituaries, if my name isn’t in there I go back to bed. I believe in 10 hours of sleep per night followed by 14 hours of relaxation.”

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