Seth Rollins On Wrestling Being Easy To Watch, Being Authentic & His Passion For Wrestling

Photo by Marc Pfitzenreuter/Getty Images

During a recent interview with, WWE superstar Seth Rollins gave his thoughts on a series of different topics as Monday Night RAW prepares to roll through Lexington on Monday night. Rollins is currently preparing for Money in the Bank, when he will defend his Universal Championship against AJ Styles.

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On his passion for wrestling:

“In every walk of life and every job, there are just people who are happy to be there, and I was never that person. I just have so much passion for what we do that I always wanted to be the best.”

On being authentic:

“I just think what’s really resounded with audiences over the years is my ability to be authentic. I think people have always seen that about me. It doesn’t feel put on, because it isn’t.”

On wrestling being easy to watch:

“It’s something that really brings people together and I think in 2019, where there seems to be so much animosity in our society, wrestling is so simple. I think it’s so easy to follow, no matter who you are.”