Eddie Edwards On His ‘Passing The Torch’ Moment With Tommy Dreamer, IMPACT Shedding Their Negative Stigma

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Eddie Edwards took part in a media interview at IMPACT Wrestling‘s United We Stand event in Rahway, New Jersey. Edwards spoke about IMPACT being in a good position, saying they’ve been able to break away from the negative connotations of the ‘TNA’ name and they’ve been delivering week in, week out. When asked about the roster possibly having a chip on their shoulders about proving this isn’t the same company of old, Edwards said their common goal is proving they have the best wrestling product out there and said the people not tuning in are the ones missing out:

“There was a negative connotation with IMPACT Wrestling—TNA Wrestling—from the past, and if people aren’t smart enough to tune in, that’s going to be their loss. As wrestlers, we’re in this business and have a chip on our shoulders, we all want to prove that we’re the best. As a group in IMPACT Wrestling, that’s what we want to do—we want to prove that we’re the best professional wrestling product out there. We’re doing it step by step, and we want to show the world. Tune in and check out what we can do; if not, it’s going to be their loss.”

Edwards has also been working with Tommy Dreamer on-air last year, including the ‘passing the torch’ moment when Dreamer gifted a trademark kendo stick to him at Slammiversary. Edwards said he had always been a fan of Dreamer’s, but now they have more of a mentoring relationship and called it a surreal moment:

“I was a fan of him, and I still am a fan of him. It was interesting because as far as the television product, we got to show what Tommy’s been doing behind the scenes for years. He’s always been there for me, he’s been there for everyone in the back and always offering his opinion. I know with my stuff, anything I do, I can go to Tommy and he’s going to give me his honest opinion. Tommy Dreamer loves professional wrestling more than anyone I think I’ve ever seen and known. He loves professional wrestling and he just wants professional wrestling to succeed. It was cool to be able to do that on TV and to have him pass me a kendo stick in that ring. It was a surreal moment for me. I go back to the days when I was watching ECW and watching him cane people in the ring. To have him do that, and to be able to have a big match with him at Slammiversary, it was a dream come true.”

In closing, Edwards was asked about hardcore wrestling having more of an effect on his body than any other styles. Edwards said it’s just a difference experience overall, and joked that he will adapt to it in time:

“It’s just different. It’s just a different style, so you just go through a different experience. I wouldn’t say it’s harder or easier, it’s just different. Your body gets used to it. It has to get used to it, unfortunately. Eventually [for me], but it will. ”

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