WWE NXT Live Results (4/24/19)

Backstage, Shayna Bazsler and Co attack Io Shirai.

The Street Profits vs. The War Raiders

Before the Raiders get in the ring, Ford dives over the top to the outside, taking out Hanson and Rowe. The Street Profits hit their patented spine buster/frog splash combo. The Street Profits almost hit the Street Sweeper but Rowe escapes. The Raiders isolate Dawkins. Dawkins manages to tag in Ford. Ford and Hanson trade strikes. Ford deadlift belly-to-back suplexes Hanson. Standing moonsault by Ford. Ford walks up Dawkins to hit the sliced bread #2 on Hanson. Hanson surprises Ford and Dawkins with a handspring back elbow. Rowe and hands hit essentially all of there double team moves leading up to ending this with Thor’s Hammer for the win.

Winners- The War Raiders

Johnny Gargano vs. Rodrick Strong

Gargano starts off strong, sending Strong to the outside. Strong grab Gargano and drops him back first on the apron. Strong sends Gargano back into the ring. Strong beats down Gargano in the corner. Strong lands a few power moves, focusing on Gargano’s back. Strong puts Gargano in the Gory Special Gargano escapes but Strong drops a few sledgehammers on Gargano. Gargano sends Strong headfirst into the ring steps. Slingshot spear for a near fall by Gargano. Gargano surprises Strong with the roll through kick. Strong misses a wrecking ball dropkick. Gargano catches Strong with a senton off the apron. Gargano tries a slingshot DDT. Strong catches Gargano but Gargano counters and levels Strong with a superkick.

Gargano lays in a few stiff chops in the corner. Gargano tries another slingshot spear but Strong catches Gargano in midair and reverses it into a butterfly backbreaker. Gargano kicks out. Gargano and Strong trade strikes. Gargano floors Strong with a discus clothesline. Strong manages to hit another backbreaker into a leaping side slam. Gargano counters Strong’s Stronghold attempt into the Gargano Escape. Cole runs down to the ring distracts Gargano. The rest of the Undisputed Era hits the ring. Matt Riddle makes the save. Cole accidentally kicks Strong in the head. Gargano hits the Slingshot DDT for the win!

Winner- Johnny Gargano

After the match, the UE argue. They eventually end up leaving together.

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