Enzo Amore To ‘Chimichanga’: ‘You Got Worked Like Every Dumbass In That Audience’

The personal Twitter feud between Enzo Amore and Tama Tonga isn’t slowing down. Amore laughed at Tonga’s response to him and said that he has seen a lot of terrible promos but he took the cake. He then told “Chimichanga,” that he spent the biggest night of his career at Madison Square Garden getting worked by Enzo.

Amore didn’t stop there. He finished off by saying that no promotion would check with him to bring in a talent like Enzo because he’s bigger than that. “I spit facts, dude,” said Amore. “Number one draw in the biggest promotion in the world in my rookie year. Took an entire promotion on the road. I’m not asking you for s—.”

Check out the full clip below:

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