Tama Tonga Calls Enzo Amore A ‘Cancer,’ Enzo Responds

Recently, former WWE star Enzo Amore (nZo) took to YouTube and issued out a profane promo on the Ring Of Honor (ROH) roster after his invasion alongside Big Cass (now going by CazXL) at the G1 Supercard. This seems to have sparked a reaction from New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW) star Tama Tonga.

Tonga took to Twitter and posted a promo on Twitter, calling Amore a “cancer”:

What up, real1? I’ll just address you straight up. You ain’t gotta call up the locker room. It was me. It was f*cking me. Huh, real1? You real f*cking idiot. You know why? You know why we ain’t letting you in? Cause you’re cancer. We don’t want that spread in our workplace. You’re a f*cking cancer. You talk about bringing in money? Oh sh*t, nah, we’re talking about you killing our business. You’re a cancer. Not on my f*cking watch. B*tch.

Amore soon responded with a video promo of his own:

You gotta be able to do better than that bro! Come on, man, that’s it? Using the “C” word? The “C” word? Come on! You little c*nt! Pick a better word. Alright, listen. I do what I do, because it works! That’s why I don’t listen to nobody! Unlike you, you gotta listen to so many people just to go out there through a f*cking curtain.

I can just jump a guard rail, beat the sh*t out of people, you can watch it and do nothing and be mad at yourself! Don’t be mad at me bro. I’m just doing what I do better than anyone else in the world. That’s why I do things my way. My way! It’s my way or the highway.

And clearly you chose the highway, because whatever the f*ck you’re doing ain’t working, okay? Because you’re driving down the highway, you’ve had the directional on for far too long, cause you ain’t ever getting over!

Tonga fired back with one last shot at the former WWE Cruiserweight champion in response:

Yes, I used the “C” word. You’re a cancer, Enzo. Just keeping it real – 1. Guys like you don’t get knocked out by wrestlers, you get knocked out by the bottom rope. Not the top, the bottom rope. Just keeping it real – 1. Guys like you Enzo – are so desperate, you gotta wear a wig to get your old job back. Just keeping it real – 1.

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