Ryback On WWE Cooling Off Performers They Don’t Want Over & Wrestlers Being Afraid To Speak Up

The “unproblematic icon” and WWE veteran Ryback is currently giving a Reddit AMA and taking questions from fans. Early on he touched on WWE not giving their performers employee status and some of his marquee moments in the ring.

Check out the highlights.

On WWE choosing who gets over:

I played my role to perfection and as you can see, when they don’t want someone to keep getting over they will go out of their way to cool them off. How anyone ever blames this on the talent is beyond me.

On wrestlers being afraid to criticize WWE:

The best thing we can do is pressure the sponsors of WWE, that is a large chunk of their money. I wish people would understand there is a great fear inside wrestling to speak up on this, but legally I can ruin them and for what they have done to me and try to do to me I have no problems speaking up for the talent. Change will happen eventually.

On teaming with Curtis Axel:

Trying to pop each other in promos and in the ring. Some of the most fun times up there believe it or not and one of my favorite people.

The backstage reaction to him saving Kalisto:

There was none that I can recall. Nobody pays attention to the pre show matches.