Mattel WWE Battle Packs 59 Review (Photos)

The latest WWE Battle Packs from Mattel have arrived with Series 59! This set is currently available on and features the following 2-packs:

  • The Hardy Boyz
  • AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal
  • Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

The Hardy Boyz

The Hardyz come together in this awesome 2-pack with some fantastic head scans for both! They come in the typical WWE Battle Pack packaging with the two of them showcased beside each other in the box as well as the slick white design with those also in the set pictured on the back. The head scans on both of them are super detailed and honestly look just like them. Jeff has his green plug earrings with his five o’clock shadow and hair clicked back while Matt has his broken grin on his face and multi-colored hair and peppered facial hair. I really love the scans on these two. The attires are them are pretty nice, Jeff especially, as he features his rainbow attire. Matt on the other hand has his white pants, which is just like his Series 94 figure, but that attire is nowhere near as fun as Jeff’s in my opinion. Jeff’s figure just really stands out compared to his other Basic-style figures.

AJ Styles vs. Jinder Mahal

This set is based on their feud from awhile back. This is honestly a great Basic 2-pack as both figures of them are very nice. If you didn’t pick up the Series 93 Jinder then this one is even better in my opinion. This one features elbow pads and wrist bands, which really complete his look compared to his 93 figure, but they do restrict his posability a little bit. He has his pretty detailed maroon-colored attire as well as his newer head scan with the longer, curly hair. Even if you want to head swap this one with his Elite figure I recommend it as it’s more accurate to how he looks now.

AJ on the other hand looks really nice. It features his latest head scan, which I feel is his best to date as it looks just like him. He features his red and black attire and they included a lot of the detail on it, which is great for a Basic figure. They even included the detail on his gloves, which is really nice. His elbow pad is detailed as well, but does restrict posing his arm a little bit due to the thickness of the rubber. Honestly, this is probably AJ’s best Basic figure to date I’d say as the detail is fantastic on it and his scan is just as good! Even if you want these for head swaps it’s totally worth it, but these are both some great Basic figures of these two superstars.

Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose

This set features more than likely Dean Ambrose’s very last figure and it’s not an exciting one as it’s the same as his Series 91 figure. It’s just a plain black attire with his latest head scan with his bushy hairdo and evil grin on his face. Rollins on the other hand is a new Basic figure with his latest head scan, arguably his best to date. This features his Shield shirt as well as gloves and swat-like pants. I think the look of this figure is pretty cool as it’s not Rollins in his wrestling attire for a change. Rollins’ shirt has the Shield logo on the front and back, which makes the figure pop much more. I’d say it’s one of my favorite Basic figures of him in ages as it’s finally just a different looking figure of him, which is great. Unfortunately Dean is just a re-pack but at least the Rollins is new. If you didn’t buy Dean’s Series 91 figure then this 2-pack isn’t so bad.


This is definitely one of the better WWE Battle Pack series in my opinion. The lineup is just better and the figures are very nice minus Dean. If you are a fan of these guys or just want them for some head swaps I recommend picking them up honestly, especially the Jinder and AJ set as that 2-pack wins this series in my opinion. As mentioned you can get them on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

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