Ethan Page Does A Good Deed For Fellow Wrestler, WWE Lists Unlikely Teammates

Ethan Page Replaces Wrestler’s Briefcase

In the feel-good story of this past Easter Sunday, Ethan Page has decided to pay out of pocket for a gimmick briefcase belonging to an indie wrestler. The Hitman for Hire, Mr. Grim packs his opponents into body bags when he’s done with them, and he carries a special briefcase to the ring. During a match, his opponent decided to stomp on the briefcase, and Grim posted to Twitter that he wouldn’t be able to replace it.

Ethan Page talked with Grim on Twitter, agreeing to pay for it if he received the bill via DMs. Sometimes, it’s just nice to see the wrestling world work together to make things right.

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WWE Lists Honorary Teammates

In WWE’s latest episode of Top 10, the company highlights unlikely team pairings from over the years. The list includes Daniel Bryan’s brief stint in The Wyatt Family and Stacy Kiebler accompanying The Dudley Boyz to the ring.