Andrade and Zelina Vega Reportedly Swap Brands Once Again

Considering that it’s now been a week since the Superstar Shake-Up began, we all thought we were save from roster swaps for a little it. It turns out that WWE in 2019 is always full of surprises. After being drafted to RAW on last week’s episode, Andrade and his manager Zelina Vega could be heading back to SmackDown this week. The report comes from Pro Wrestling Sheet stating that upper brass felt the move was necessary after last week’s shows.

If you head to, you can see both Superstars are currently listed as members of the blue brand. Also listed for SmackDown is Aleister Black, Zelina Vega’s husband. This also reflects in Aleister Black’s Facebook profile picture He was called up alongside Riccochet in a tag team, but it seems that Andrade’s move necessitated the pair splitting up. This could be for the best, as both wrestlers shined in singles competition on NXT before their main roster days.

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