Matt Jackson Talks To Fans About His Long Break From In-Ring Action: ‘I Needed This To Make Up For Lost Time With My Family’

Even though Matt Jackson has been on an in-ring hiatus since launching All Elite Wrestling, the older Young Buck wanted to let his fans know that he hasn’t forgotten about them. Jackson took a moment on social media to make a statement about his absence and how it’s been a long time coming for someone who is so used to going practically nonstop.

I’ve been performing in a wrestling ring since I was 16 years old. I’ve never taken a long break, even for injury. I just kept going. This current break has been the longest I’ve ever taken. I’ve needed it to recharge my body, my mind, and to start a brand new company. But most importantly, I needed this to make up for lost time with my family. I haven’t forgotten about all of our amazing fans. We’ll be back on the biggest adventure yet! Nothing but love.

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