Joey Ryan Discusses How Injuries Led to Creative Moments

Joey Ryan has continued to find his way as an independent wrestler, and although he was recently injured for several months, the wrestler is still continuing to book appearances, and using his creativity to continue to grab the attention of fans.

Speaking to Fightful in a new interview, Ryan revealed just how extensive his injuries were, and how despite the injuries needing surgery, Ryan was able to still do something for the crowds that he was meant to see.

“I had torn tendons in my chest, microtears. The doctor recommended surgery and I scheduled an appointment with a surgeon,” he said in the interview, “I had international bookings, and they already bought my flights and couldn’t get reimbursed for that flight. Part of the booking was for meet and greets. I can still sign autographs, I can still meet the fans, so they asked me to still come out. I was able to come up with ideas like thumb wrestling wars and staring contests to still get in the ring and do something for the live crowd,”

Thankfully for Ryan, he was able to avoid surgery by simply heading to physical therapy to rehab his various injuries. Ryan also discussed just how relieved he was to not have to miss almost an entire year, and how his creativity spiked due to missing out on in-ring action, so the entire talk is well worth listening to.

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