Seth Rollins: ‘I Always Believed The Shield Would Live Forever’

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In an interview with The Dispatch–Argus, Seth Rollins reflected on the fact that his match this coming Sunday will be the final one he participates in with his two Shield brothers. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns debuted alongside Seth Rollins in 2012, and the team has been a mainstay of WWE ever since. Seth is especially grateful because he’ll be able to have such an important match in front of friends and family.

It just kind of just worked out, in an unfortunate way, obviously not something we ever wanted to say the final chapter. I always believed The Shield would live forever. Now we have this last weekend and it just happens to end up in Moline. It’s very poetic. “It will be a cool experience to do in front of friends and family.

Seth talks about how wrestling as a singles competitor differs from his time as part of a team. “It’s a different level of camaraderie. Life is about sharing experiences; to do that in the moment with those guys is a very different experience, and I’m fortunate enough to have it happen at home.”

Although he’s happy to be home, Seth feels happy to have chosen the life of a professional wrestler.

I’ve been able to travel the world through my gig. It helps give me worldly understanding. I wouldn’t have done that if I was stuck in Iowa. I’ve grown a lot as a person

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