Davey Boy Smith Jr. Is The People’s Choice For A MLW World Title Shot

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

MLW ran a poll last week on it’s Twitter account asking it’s fan base who the their choice would be to face “Filthy” Tom Lawlor for the MLW World Championship and the choices were the following: a member of the CONTRA Unit, LA Park, Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr. It was close, but Smith pulled out the victory with 34% of the vote against LA Park’s 32% (who actually has a world title shot in his pocket thanks to winning the 2019 Battle Riot).

MLW wrote a brief piece on the results that even received a comment from CEO Court Bauer as to if Davey Boy vs. Lawlor could become a reality:

The 6’6″ 3rd generation grappler would pose a unique threat to Lawlor, given Smith’s brute power and ability to shut opponents down on the mat with his scientific catch wrestling.

Could we see this clash of champions in 2019? MLW CEO Court Bauer told us it’s “very possible.”

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