X-Pac Reacts To ‘The Viking Experience’, Praises Lacey Evans’ RAW Appearance

On the latest episode of X-Pac 12360, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman gave his thoughts on the former War Raiders’ recent Raw debut as The Viking Experience

Okay, it’s not ideal. However, it’s not even close to as bad a name as they could’ve given those guys. And number two is the creative process put behind their push is the most important thing. Not what you call them. Giving them a good storyline following through on it. Just all these important things are so much more important than whether they are called Viking Experience or whatever you want to call them. So yes I get it it’s not ideal but it’s defiantly not the hill I think people should be dying on. They know I’m fans of them… It’s not the end of the world here everyone. It’s what you make of it. If those guys go out there every week and they just crush it every time they’re out there. The Viking Experience in two months is going to be the greatest name ever… It’s not like they called them The Viking Experience and had them go out there and lose their debut. They won.

X-Pac also gave his thoughts on Lacey Evans and her place on the RAW roster.

Let’s talk about Lacey Evans because you know the first time most of us got a chance to see her, besides the Mae Young Classic and all that, really was the Royal Rumble and it wasn’t good to do that to her. There were a couple of little bumbles in the opening spot they tried to do and all eyes were on them. It was not a good situation for her and I thought they did a really good job with her. It’s funny because to some people that’s not a heel gimmick you know what I mean? And to a lot of people, it is. So I think last night she did a good job. To me, that wipes away all the ick feeling I had from seeing her at Royal Rumble… Good strong showing is what I’m trying to say. Good strong showing Lacey Evans… And it’s fine to do the moonsalt thing but I wouldn’t count on that all the time. Especially, it takes one time for you to slip and eat shit on that and then you’re back to thinking about things like falling on your butt in the opening spot at Royal Rumble. Not that I think she shouldn’t keep the moonsalt thing but I wouldn’t. And honestly when she hit the punch if she would have covered right then like one, two, three that would have been a good finish too.

You can listen to the full episode of X-Pac’s podcast embedded below. Transcripts provided by X-Pac 12360

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