The Alliance Of American Football Reportedly Wanted To Merge With XFL In December

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer reported via the latest episode of “Wrestling Observer Radio” with Garrett Gonzales that the now-folded Alliance of American Football reportedly went to Vince McMahon in hopes to merge with the XFL, but McMahon wanted no part of it.

According to Meltzer, AAF officials went to McMahon back in December to propose a merge between the two winter season football leagues, but Vince declined the idea. AAF opened their season with enough money for one week of operations and the reason that they opened so prematurely is because that Charlie Ebersol and AAF execs wanted to get the jump on Vince a year before the XFL started.

The AAF originally came to Vince McMahon before the XFL was relaunched to buy the rights to the brand for $50 million, but instead it inspired Vince to start the league up again on his own.

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