Big E Responds To Kevin Owens Joining The New Day After Successful Debut

After becoming an honorary member of New Day and taking on the name Big O, Kevin Owens joined his new group in a match, taking on Shinsuke Nakamura, Rusev, and Cesaro in a tag team match. Throughout the match, both trios put on a great show, with Nakamura and Kingston going at it for a bit before Owens got into the fray.

Owens played the part of honorary New Day member very well, stepping into the role Big E had and succeeding almost instantly. Not only did Owens step in to break up a Cesaro submission, but he also helped launch Kingston into their opponents, and got involved in New Day’s trio of finishers. By the end of the match, Owens was dancing along with his new partners, with Big E taking to Twitter to voice his confusion at the addition.

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