Brian Cage On Lucha Underground’s Influence, His Versatility In The X Division

Brian Cage took part in a media interview at IMPACT Wrestling‘s United We Stand event in Rahway, New Jersey. The former X Division Champion talked about his history in the division, saying he actually prefers wrestling talent that can move as quickly as he does, and would have loved a feud with fellow big man Willie Mack:

“I wasn’t this size when I started, but I always kind of wrestled this style even as I built my size; that’s why I’m able to do stuff that most guys that look like me can’t do. Even saying that, being able to work with larger guys and guys that are athletic and mobile as me, and to be able to work with both, to be able to be versatile to have that option and ability, it’s fantastic. Going with that, I would have loved to have had a program for the X Division title with Willie Mack. That would have been great to see this era’s ‘AJ Styles vs Christopher Daniels,’ but having it be two superheavyweights for the X Division title.”

Cage also joked about IMPACT bringing back the Ultimate X match now that he doesn’t have the X Division title, saying he would’ve loved to have been a part of one of the matches. Cage called the match one of the “most original and creative concepts” that IMPACT has ever created, and maintained that it is very hard to have a match gimmick stay as over as it has.

Lucha Underground was also a hot topic, as Cage appeared in season two and three of the series, and noted that it’s also where he met his fiancée and the mother of his child, Melissa Santos. Cage said he still has a lot of love for the series, and that it has influenced a lot of the current wrestling product, including content seen on IMPACT. Cage said he enjoys how IMPACT has used the more cinematic approach more sparingly, and while he doesn’t see it becoming a widespread adaptation with all companies, he would enjoy getting to do something like that with IMPACT:

“One of the coolest things I did in Lucha Underground was I punched a guy’s head off with a gauntlet. If I got to do something like that—I loved Allie, Rosemary and Su Yung’s segment from Bound For Glory with the axe to the neck. I actually thought her next appearance on TV would have been amazing if she came to the ring with the axe still in her neck, and took it out before starting the match. I’m a big comic book fan, a big horror movie fan, so all of that stuff is right up my alley.”

Check out the full audio interview below:

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