MLW Fusion Results (4/13/19)

MLW Fusion Results

Aired April 13, 2019

Report by Colin Tessier for

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The show begins with a video package that recaps Battle Riot II.

Maxwell J. Friedman (with the Dynasty) vs. Brian Pillman Jr.

Alexander Hammerstone and Richard Holliday punch and trip Pillman, respectively, before the ref banishes them from ringside. Pillman drops MJF with a dropkick and hits him with some uppercuts. MJF attacks Pillman’s surgically-repaired shoulder and targets it for a few minutes. Pillman can’t get any offense going until he hits a crossbody off the top. He chops MJF and takes him down with a running forearm. A powerslam gets Pillman a near fall.

MJF pokes Pillman in the eyes and nearly rolls him up for the win. While MJF argues with the referee, Pillman rolls his opponent up for the win.

Winner: Brian Pillman Jr.

MJF calls the loss a fluke after the match and storms away.

A video package recaps Contra Unit’s attack on MLW World Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor after Battle Riot II.

Salina de la Renta speaks to the media and announces she’ll be the executive producer of MLW Fusion on the Cinco de Mayo edition of MLW Fusion.

In a backstage segment, Sami Callihan explains why he left MLW; he needed to figure out who he is. He says he’s going to “cause chaos and piss people off.” Callihan says he wants to get in the ring with Mance Warner and challenges him to a match next week.

Backstage, Holliday and Hammerstone argue. Holliday calms his teammate down but tensions still seem high.

Lance Anoa’i and Jimmy Yuta vs. Rich Swann and Myron Reed

Yuta grounds Reed and targets his arm before stomping a mud hole in him. Both men tag in their partners and the new participants showcase their athleticism. A standing moonsault gets Anoa’i a near fall. Swann rakes Yuta’s eyes and Reed chokes him while the referee is distracted. Reed and Swann double-team Yuta and isolate him from Anoa’i. Yuta flips out of another double-tea, attempt and manages to tag his partner.

Anoa’i takes down both his opponents and hits both with running hip attacks. He misses a 450 splash, Reed runs into the ring and drops him with a cutter. Swann hits Yuta with a low blow but neither men are active participants. Reed pins Anoa’i after a 450 splash.

Winners: Rich Swann and Myron Reed

In a backstage segment, Mance Warner accepts Callihan’s challenge for next week.

MLW Heavyweight Champion Tom Lawlor discusses the various injuries he’s faced and says they all pale in comparison to Jacob Fatu’s attack. Lawlor threatens to get revenge on Contra.

Salina de la Renta issues an open challenge on LA Park’s behalf and Sami Callihan answers it.