Gail Kim On Not Understanding Her ‘Matrix’ Character In WWE, Her History With Awesome Kong

Photo Credit: Pollo Del Mar

In a recent interview with DS Shin of Ring The Belle, former WWE superstar Gail Kim talked about the origins of her ‘Matrix’ character in WWE.

Gail said she was just told about filming some vignettes and how to dress for it, but never got a full explanation of what the character was supposed to be.

“They said, “we’re gonna go film some vignettes for your debut.” They showed it to me and dress me for it, but never explained it to me. About a year and a half in [my career in WWE,] I remember one of the writers coming to me and saying, “we never really talked to you about your character, did we?” I never really understood it. But I was so green that I was just trying to do what the company told me to do.

It’s funny that this whole look is where I ended up at the end of my career. That’s very similar. I think that they got who I was supposed to be. But I wasn’t ready for it, and they never really explained it to me. AndI never got to really let it develop naturally.”

Gail also spoke about seeing Awesome Kong for the first time, and reflected back on their matches that became a benchmark for the Knockouts Division in TNA’s early days:

“I had never seen her before work. I had never seen her come out in her gear. And she terrified me. If you go look up the match on YouTube, you’ll see me mouth the words “oh shit,” because I was terrified.”

“At that time, women’s wrestling, in general, was pretty much dead. Us doing this just in itself, to have the women wrestle and to have different types of women wrestle. Kong was not the usual woman that you would see in wrestling. it was just so different at that time that it made us stand out.”

Check out the full interview with Gail below:

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