Lacey Evans Takes A Swing At Golf Fans, Rowan Joins Sheamus In A Workout

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

Lacey Evans Takes A Swing At Golf Fans

Lacey Evans sure knows how to heel it up. While fans across the world are celebrating Tiger Woods’ wild comeback in the sport of golf by winning this year’s Masters’, Evans took a right hand to everybody’s collective solar plexus by taking a shot at the fairway. Evans took to social media to show her disgust for such a dry game that can’t keep the fair young lady’s interest:

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Rowan Joins Sheamus In A Workout

Sheamus’ latest Celtic Warrior Workouts features Daniel Bryan’s right hand man Rowan and the two monsters work an upper body workout together:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… It’s not every day I get to workout with a real-live giant, never mind a ginger viking monster that looks like a Wildling jumped over the ice-wall in Game of Thrones and came South to bench!

That’s right, I got into the gym with WWE gargantuan Rowan (don’t call him Erick) for an upper body workout that left me looking for the exit as The Man From The North loaded plate after plate onto the bar. Even aided by a Slingshot I couldn’t match Rowan but at least I did… Brave Change.