Impact Wrestling Results (4/12/19)

Backstage, Willie Mack is sitting on some steps minding his business. Killer Kross sits down next to Mack. Kross tells Mack that people are starting to say that Rich Swann is playing Mack for a fool. Kross tells Mack that he should worry about the future.

The Deaners are will be debuting in Impact Wrestling soon.

“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander and “All Ego” Ethan Page vs Sheldon Jean & El Reverso

Alexander tosses El Reverso across the ring. Jean tags in and Alexander destroys him with a chop. El Reverso tags himself in and runs right into a rolling senton by Alexander. Page and Alexander blast El Reverso with a twisting facebuster. Page and Alexander take turns beating down El Reverso. Page and Alexander hit a Death Valley spine buster for the win.

Winners- “The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander and “All Ego” Ethan Page

Backstage, Gail Kim says she heard what Blanchard said about her backstage. Kim is going out to the ring for Blanchard’s match tonight.

Backstage, Page and Alexander put the rest of the tag teams in Impact on notice. They want tag team gold.

Madison Rayne vs Tessa Blanchard

Blanchard pie faces Rayne. Rayne knocks down Blanchard and hits a sliding clothesline. Ropewalk ranna by Rayne. Blanchard keeps getting distracted by Kim at the announce desk. Blanchard catches Rayne with an elbow to the face. Blanchard lands a running elbow to Rayne’s back followed by a dropkick to the lower back. Rayne rolls Blanchard into a pin. Blanchard kicks out. Vertical suplex by Blanchard. Blanchard beats down Rayne while yelling at Kim that this is what Blanchard is going to do to her. After the break, Rayne lands a step up enziguri.

Rayne gets a near fall after the northern lights. Ripcord facebuster by Blanchard. Rayne kicks out. Rayne surprises Blanchard with a crucifix bomb. Blanchard kicks out. Double slingshot suplex by Blanchard. Rayne kicks out again. Blanchard gets another long two count after a superplex. Blanchard brings a chair into the ring. Kim takes the chair from Blanchard. Rayne rolls Blanchard up in a schoolgirl for the win!

Winner- Madison Rayne

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