Bobby Lashley On Conor McGregor In WWE: ‘I’d Like To See Him In. It’d Be Cool.’

Bobby Lashley had an exclusive interview with Sky Sports and the All Mighty talked about Conor McGregor’s potential in going to the WWE and talked about making the jump from professional wrestling to MMA. Quotes are below:

Bobby Lashley on Conor McGregor’s potential in WWE:

I think he wants to. Conor’s one of those guys that will shoot first and then kind of shake hands later and he did it last year where he kind of called out the wrestlers. I think he wants to be here and if he wants to be here he might have to find a role. We’re not gonna put a big title on him. He’s way to small, but I think he’ll have a good opportunity to shake things up and run his mouth a little bit and bring some notoriety. I’d like to see him in. It’d be cool.

Lashley on the transition of wrestling to MMA:

It just depends on what your background is. I had a wrestling background so I was able to do it real easy, but not everybody can do it. It’s a tough sport, but I think everybody has an opportunity to do it. It’s just whatever you like. I’m the type of person you only live once so I went out there and did it. At first I was just gonna do one fight, but then 19 fights into it, I was like, “man I really like this” and I think I’m gonna do a couple more fights when it is all said and done.”

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