Vampiro Opens Up About Health Battle Against Possible Alzheimer’s & Parkinson’s Disease

Vampiro recently took to Facebook to comment on his ongoing health issues. The Lucha Underground personality and former WCW World Tag Team Champion states that he’s not worried about his possible diagnosis of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. His main concerns involve these debilitating diseases interfering with his “PlayStation time”.

Got some results from the doctor yesterday 

Not the best of news

But in my heart I know it’s a fight I am gonna win

I am not worried about anything

I am worried about how I can give more back to everyone who needs support


Don’t give a fuck about being sick , as me and my doctors have a plan! And I will be fine!

Alzheimer’s is bullshit. I am scared about potential Parkinson’s disease because it might fuck up my PlayStation time

I have been beaten up for so long , this is an easy one

The full post is embedded below.

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