Figure Friday: WWE Elite 66 Collector’s Edition – Alexander Wolfe (Photos)

On this week’s Figure Friday we take a look at none other than the Mattel Target Exclusive WWE Elite 66 Collector’s Edition Alexander Wolfe action figure! This is Wolfe’s very first figure and he will be one per case with all shipments of WWE Elite 66 at Target stores very soon.

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The Packaging

Alexander Wolfe features the standard WWE Elite packaging, but is part of the limited Collector’s Edition style figures like Pete Dunne, Sensational Sherri and Bob Backlund. It has a ribbon across the bottom saying “Collector’s Edition” alongside the SmackDown Live logo as that’s what brand he is currently on. The back of the box showcases a large image of him with info and statistics and the sides show an image of him as well as his name.

In the plastic bubble you can see Wolfe comes with his jacket, bandanna and swappable open hands.

The Head Scan

Looking at Wolfe I’d say his scan looks pretty decent. The hair is pretty cool as they molded it messy than clean, making him look unstable, which is awesome. The detail in his beard is nice as well as he has his creepy smirk on his face.

The Attire

Once you remove Wolfe from the packaging, if you’re a loose collector like myself, you will see just how beautifully detailed this figure is.

His jacket is made of a rubber material, but it’s a bit thick making it tough to pose him in, as is the typical rubber style jackets Mattel makes. They do this because there’s so much detail on it it would be expensive to make out of cloth. That being said, the sleeves are super detailed as well as the zippers, patches, and logos throughout. He has a removable bandana that slips over his mouth and tucks into the hood to hold it in place. If you decide to remove him from the jacket, which I’m sure you will, you’ll want to do it carefully and patiently as it’s a bit tough to remove. You can see how I removed it in the video below.

After you get him out of the jacket you can see he has his suspender type straps and waistband, which is not molded to his body and is also a rubber material, that you can remove if desired. There is nice detail on this as well with a latch making it easy to fasten onto him as well as remove if desired.

Looking at his overall outfit you can see the tremendous detail in his pants, boots and even his knee pads. Mattel went all out on making him a really nice figure to add to your SAnity collection. You can also swap his open hands with flat hands if desired, just be careful removing the hands so you don’t break the pegs holding them. You can also see how to do this in the video below.

The Articulation

Wolfe features the typical Elite style articulation, making him pretty easy to pose, which is great. Unfortunately you can’t take advantage of this while he wears his jacket but once he’s out of it you can pose him well. None of his attire, besides the jacket, limits his posing like the knee pads can do sometimes.


Overall I think it’s a really nice figure and I was excited to complete SAnity as you can’t not buy all the members if you already got a few of them. The detail on him is great. Yes his jacket is annoying as it’s rubber but there’s really no other way they could probably pull it off. Hopefully Wolfe won’t be as challenging to find as some of the others, but I recommend just getting to your Target stores early when they open to try and land one as he’s only one per case. He should be hitting shelves soon I’d think as has had the set for awhile now. You can SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout on Ringside if you want to pickup Eric and Nikki!

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