The New Day Defeat The Bar & Drew McIntyre

After interrupting the New Day’s celebration of Kofi Kingston’s victory over Daniel Bryan at WrestleMania 35, the Bar challenged the tag team trio to a six-man tag team match that included Drew McIntyre, who made a surprise appearance at the show. Once the match got underway, it was chaos as expected, with McIntyre and Xavier Woods quickly taking things outside of the ring, where Woods was thrown roughly into the announcer’s table.

As things got taken back into the ring, Bie E and Sheamus were tagged in, which saw Sheamus deal some devastating blows onto Big E and Woods. However, Kingston was tagged in and quickly got to work making up for New Day’s struggles. With McIntyre, Cesaro, Woods, and Big E all incapacitated outside of the ring, Kingston was able to take down Sheamus with a Trouble in Paradise that knocked Sheamus out. From there, it was a simple pin for Kingston, and he and the New Day were able to celebrate once again in the ring.

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