The Hardy Boyz Win WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles

There aren’t many teams that the Hardy Boyz haven’t faced off against, but they finally went two-on-two against The Usos on SmackDown Live. The previously announced match was for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship.

The fast-paced match saw both of the decorated tag teams have their moments. However, it was The Usos that took an advantage after a few minutes. They threw Matt Hardy out of the ring and delivered some hard shots to the veteran wrestler. The duo then kept him isolated on their side of the ring.

Matt eventually made the tag and Jeff came in like a raging bull. He hit Whisper of the Wind and then Poetry in Motion. One Side Effect later and it was nearly over, but Uso kicked out. It seemed as if the current champs were back in control after a huge frog splash, but Jeff Hardy once again kicked out. They then went for a Double Uce, but Jeff dodged out of the way. A few moments later, Matt hit a Twist of Fate and then Jeff nailed a Swanton Bomb for them to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

After the match, Lars Sullivan showed up and took out the new champs.

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