The Bar Interrupts Kofi’s Celebration, Set Up Six-Man Tag Match

The first SmackDown Live since WrestleMania 35 kicked off with the New Day stepping into the ring and celebrating Kofi Kingston’s victory over Daniel Bryan to become the newest WWE Champion. With the entire ring decorated in bright colors, and a rainbow of balloons hanging over the ring, the New Day proceeded to celebrate Kofi’s victory by bragging about the win, performing splits, and talking about how Kingston was close to becoming both the WWE Champion and the WWE Universal Champion.

After some more jokes, Xavier Woods took some time to be serious, telling the crowd that it was time to “honor” the career of their friend and longtime WWE veteran in Kingston. Woods went on to discuss how he had watched Kofi’s debut, and that once he was able to meet him, it was like meeting one of his heroes. From there, Big E discussed how hard it was to grow the New Day group into what it is today and congratulated Kofi again on his big accomplishment.

When it was time for Kofi to take the microphone, he thanked the WWE Universe and his entire family, who was seated ringside for the special moment. Things went south, however, as The Bar stepped out to interrupt the celebration. Sheamus told Kingston that he was lucky the Bar interfered in Kingston’s match with Seth Rollins, and then challenged the New Day to a six-man tag team match, with Drew Mcintyre acting as their new partner.

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