MLW Battle Riot II Results (4/5/19)

Battle Riot II

Bocchini discusses the rules of the match and reminds viewers the winner will get an MLW World Heavyweight Championship match. MJF is the first entrant. He calls the crowd stupid and vows to win the match. UFC legend Dan Severn is the second entrant. The two men shake hands and Severn slams MJF to the mat. The third entrant is El Hijo de LA Park, who kicks Severn in the face. The announcers reveal Teddy Hart has been removed from the match due to injury. Air Wolf is the fourth entrant and he immediately fights El Hijo.

Minoru Tanaka is the next man in and he takes El Hijo down with a suplex. He squares off with Severn while Jordan Oliver enters the match and goes after El Hijo. Rey Fenix enters the match and takes El Hijo down with a dropkick. Pentagon Jr. comes to the ring and knocks down Severn. Avalanche enters the match and squashes Tanaka. The big man stomps away at Severn. MJF eliminates Fenix.

Ace Romero walks to the ring and dishes out some strikes. He overpowers Oliver and eliminates him. El Hijo eliminates Pentagon Jr and Ken Kerbis enters the match. Avalanche and Romero take each other down with a double clothesline. Leo Brien enters the match with a cowbell in hand. Tanaka eliminates Severn. Michael Patrick comes to the ring and Tanaka eliminates Brien. Gringo Loco enters the match, El Hijo is eliminated and Tanaka submits Patrick.

Kotto Brazil enters the match and drops Loco with a spear. Rey Horus comes to the ring and hits a springboard crossbody on Brazil. Romero eliminates Kerbis and Rich Swann enters the match. Swann hits Tanaka with a superkick. Horus and Swann go back and forth while Myron Reed enters the match. Reed and Swann eliminate Tanaka. Avalanche eliminates Loco. Barrington Hughes enters the match and slams Reed. Hughes and Romero eliminate Reed.

Ace Austin comes to the ring and tries to eliminate Hughes. Hughes gets eliminated by several competitors. Romero squashes and eliminates Swann. Kerbis eliminates the match and Jimmy Yuta enters it. Jacob Fatu enters the match and his Contra stablemates enter the ring, too. They stack up several wrestlers and Fatu hits a moonsault on them all. Security rushes to the ring to stop Contra from setting people on fire. The officials make Contra leave the match.

MJF eliminates several of the wrestlers attacked by Contra. Romero and MJF are the only two wrestlers left when Brian Pillman Jr. enters. Pillman eliminates MJF and Davey Boy Smith Jr. comes to the ring. They battle Romero and Smith eliminates him. LAX enters the match with Konnan. Smith eliminates both members of LAX as Low Ki enters the match. Konnan gets eliminated, too.

LA Park enters the ring and hits Smith and Pillman with a stool. Emil Sitoci comes to the ring and battles Park and Pillman. Daga enters the match and fights Low Ki. The Blue Meanie strolls to the ring and hands out eye pokes to everyone. Alexander Hammerstone enters the match and eliminates Pillman. Sami Callihan comes to the ring with a baseball bat and eliminates him. Daga eliminates Low Ki and Smith eliminates Sitoci.

Ariel Dominguez comes to the ring but Hammerstone quickly eliminates him. Ricky Martinez enters the match while Low Ki helps LA Park eliminate Daga. Lance Anoa’i comes to the ring Mance Warner enters after him. Richard Holliday is the last entrant and he takes his time coming to the ring.

Callihan uses a 2×4 on Holliday and Warner eliminates Martinez. Holliday and Hammerstone eliminate Anoa’i. Smith eliminates Holliday and Hammerstone eliminates the last representative of the Hart Foundation. Callihan, Hammerstone, Park and Warner are the final four.

Warner hits Park with a baseball bat and eliminates Hammerstone. Callihan eliminates Warner. LA Park and Callihan are the final two participants. Park drops Callihan with a spear and eliminates him.

Winner: LA Park

In a press conference, Lawlor welcomes all challegers and gets attacked by Contra.

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