Booker T Praises Older Brother Stevie Ray During Harlem Heat Hall of Fame Induction

The penultimate induction in the 2019 WWE Hall of Fame featured the Harlem Heat, comprised of Booker T and his older brother Stevie Ray.

Despite the lack of an introduction, the crowd was instantly warm to the pair as they came out, and as Booker T began praising his older brother, it was clear they needed no introduction. During his speech, Booker talked about their upbringing and how his brother always looked out for him, including when their parents passed away at an untimely age.

As Booker got older and ran into legal troubles, it was his brother who kept him on the straight and narrow, and as the two got into the wrestling business, he continued to follow in his brother’s footsteps throughout his career.

As Stevie Ray took to the mic, he recounted the story of how he and Booker T rose through the ranks of wrestling and became what they are today. By the end of it, Booker T praised the up and coming tag teams, and gave a special shout out to Kofi Kingston as the duo left as new members of the WWE Hall of Fame.

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