NXT TakeOver New York Results (4/5/19)

NXT North American Championship Match: The Velveteen Dream (c) vs. Matt Riddle

Dream and Riddle both play to the crowd. Dream goes into the crane kick stance. Riddle kicks Dream in the leg. Dream tries a takedown but Riddle stuffs it and almost puts Dream in a double wrist lock. Dream gets to the ropes. Riddle monkey flips Dream into an armbar. Dream gets to the ropes again. Dream stomps on Riddle’s foot and floors him with a shoulder block. Dream rolls up Riddle. Riddle kicks out. Dream rakes Riddle’s back. Riddle waist locks Dream and lands two gut wrench suplexes. Dream rolls Riddle into a schoolboy. Riddle kicks out. Dream lands a few axhandles off the top. Riddle falls to the outside. Dream leaps off the top for another ax handle but Riddle moves out of the way and destroys Dream with a German suplex. Exploder suplex by Riddle. Running senton followed by a penalty kick by Riddle. Dream kicks out. Riddle tries to put Dream in the Bromisson but Dream gets to the ropes yet again. Dream surprises Riddle with a German suplex. Riddle pops back up to his feet and hits a sick running knee. Dream kicks out. Riddle rains down elbows on Dream as Dream is caught up in the ropes. Dream puts Riddle in a sleeper. Riddle turns it into a pin. Dream kicks out.

Dream charges at Riddle but Riddle puts Dream in a triangle. Dream escapes. Ripcord knee followed by a GTS by Riddle. Dream kicks out. Riddle lays in a few nasty kicks to Dream’s chest. Dream Hulks up and lights Riddle up with a few straight shots. Dream big boots Riddle. Dream sends Riddle to the outside with a clothesline. Axhandle to the outside by Dream. Dream sends Riddle back into the ring and hits a fameasser. Riddle kicks out. Dream dives off the top but Riddle meets him with a high knee. Codebreaker by Dream. Riddle kicks out. Dream tries a running knee but Riddle counters with a rolling single leg crab. Riddle transitions into an ankle lock. Dream escapes and superkicks Riddle. Dream Valley Driver by Dream. Dream tries the Purple Rainmaker but Riddle locks Dream in the Bromission. Dream breaks the hold. Dream goes to the outside. Riddle deadlift German suplexes Dream back into the ring. Dream hits the floating bro. Dream kicks out. Superkicks by Dream. Riddle powerbombs Dream, then hits the flash knee. Riddle puts Dream in the Bromisson. Dream floats over into a pin for the win!

Winner and STILL NXT North American Champions, The Velveteen Dream!

After the match, Dream and Riddle fist bump.

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