NXT TakeOver New York Results (4/5/19)

WWE NXT TakeOver ResultsNXT TakeOver New York Results

April 5, 2019

Report by Lovell Porter for Wrestlezone.com

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Last Week’s NXT Live Results

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: The War Raiders (c) vs. Aleister Black and Ricochet

Rowe and Black lock up. Black grabs an armbar. Rowe counters into one of his own. Rowe and Black trade headlocks. After a bit of chain ends in a stalemate with Rowe on top of Black. Another stretch of chain wrestling ends with Black’s foot on Rowe’s neck. Rowe and Black fist bump after the exchange. Ricochet and Hanson tag in. After a flip exchange Ricochet dropkicks Hanson out of the ring. Black and Ricochet hold the ring and sit and wait for Hanson and Rowe to get back in the ring. Ricochet sends Black into Hanson but Hanson counters with a seated senton. Rowe bodyslam Hanson onto Ricochet. Black takes out both War Raiders with a leg sweep. Springboard lariat by Ricochet. Ricochet gets a near fall after a standing shooting star press. Black and Ricochet take turns working over Rowe. Rowe hits the judo throw high knee on Black.

Short crossbody by Hanson to Ricochet. Hanson puts Ricochet and Black in opposite corners. Hanson freight trains Ricochet and Black over and over again. Hanson tries another crossbody but Ricochet catches Hanson in midair and hits a fallaway slam! Black and Rowe trade elbows. Black tries a springboard but Rowe counters with a high knee. Rowe hits the ropes and runs right into a spinning knee by Black. Black hits a nasty German suplex for a near fall. Ricochet and Hanson trade flips. Ricochet misses a handspring kick. Hanson hits a handspring back elbow! Ricochet kicks out! Hanson goes up top. Ricochet cuts him off. Ricochet tries a rolling attack but Hanson catches Ricochet and sends him into the corner. Rowe hits a flying knee. The War Raiders destroy Ricochet with a German suplex/springboard clothesline! Rowe and Hanson pin Ricochet at the same time. Black breaks up the pin with a double stomp off the top.

Hanson tries to toss Black in the air. Black turns it into a double knee strike. Triangle moonsault to the outside by Black. Rowe hits a suicide dive. Ricochet hits a sky twister cartwheel splash to the outside. Hanson climbs up top and hits a swanton to the outside. Everyone is down. Ricochet and Rowe get in the ring to break the count. Ricochet and Black each hit big boots on Rowe. Black hits the Black Mass on Rowe. Ricochet crushes Rowe with a shooting star press. Hanson pushes Black into Ricochet to break up the pin. Ricochet misses the 630. Black misses a moonsault to the outside. Hanson clotheslines Black. Ricochet runs right into Thor’s Hammer by the War Raiders. The War Raider hits Fallout for the win!

Winners and STILL NXT Tag Team Champions, The War Raiders!

After the match, Rowe and Hanson bow to Black and Ricochet. Black and Ricochet are showered with applause in what seems to be their final match in NXT.

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