WrestleMania Weekend Encounters: Braun and Joe Namath, Ric Flair With The Lucha Bros.

Braun and Joe Namath

At WrestleMania Weekend, you see plenty of famous people cross paths. Not just wrestlers, but other big names all gather in whatever city WWE plants their flag in every year. If we’re not there, we can at least enjoy the moments via social media. For example, WWE recently shared a meeting between Braun Strowman and legendary football quarterback Joe Namath.

We’ll just have to see if Braun can… go… all… the… way in Sunday’s Andre the Giant Battle Royale.

Ric Flair With The Lucha Bros.

Elsewhere in New York/New Jersey, the Impact Tag Team Champions were seen posing with the 16-Time World Champion. Pentagon shared a candid shot with tag team partner Fenix alongside the legendary Nature Boy Ric Flair.

The two luchadors will be facing a much different pair of legends later tonight as they take on former ECW stalwarts RVD and Sabu in tag team action to close out Impact’s United We Stand event.

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