Figure Friday: WWE Elite Red Rooster (Photos)

Figure Friday is here and this week we take a look at the new Exclusive WWE Elite Red Rooster action figure! This figure was supposed to release over a year ago but got held back due to the whole Toys R Us debacle, but you can finally own him and add him to your collection!

The Packaging

Rooster features the typical Elite style box, but it has more of a yellow/orange color scheme to it. They even added chicken feathers to the packaging to give it a fun, unique look to go with Rooster. You can see him in the packaging wear his signature entrance jacket as well, which we’ll take a look at shortly. The side features an image of him as well as his name on the opposite while the back has a larger image of Rooster with a little story about him. Unfortunately there is a grammatical typo on the back.

The Head Scan

Rooster has a pretty good head scan I think. He has the signature red feathers in his hair, which is a nice touch. The likeness is pretty good I feel for Terry Taylor’s first figure. This does not feature the True FX technology as he was technically produced before they started using that process.

The Attire

Rooster has his cloth jacket, which is a similar fabric to that of Ric Flair’s RetroFest figure. Thankfully it is cloth versus a rubber mold. The detail on it is nice as you can see all the silver designs as well as the fact it says “Rooster” on the back. It also velcros in the front by his waist to keep the jacket closed if you prefer to have it that way.

Once you remove the jacket you can see it’s a pretty simple figure but of course he had a simple look back in the day. He has his red trunks with the word Rooster on the front side as well as his red boots with white trim and “RR” on the sides. His torso is pretty ripped, which is a bit of a pain for posing his arms as his shoulders are so wide.


It’s a pretty good figure. It has it’s pros and cons but for a unique, one of a kind figure it is definitely not bad. I personally just wish they used a different upper torso as he’s kind of hard to pose, his arms at least. Besides that though the jacket is a really nice touch and makes this figure pop. It’s definitely for the adult collector as this was such a short lived gimmick from the early days of WWE. You will be able to get him on soon and there’s no word if or when he will show up in stores as the previous figure like this of The Shark never really made it to store shelves. Don’t miss out on him if you’re a completionist much like myself!

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