WWE NXT Results (4/3/19)

Oney Lorcan vs. Jaxson Ryker

Ryker and Lorcan trade strikes. Ryker slingshot suplexes Lorcan onto the top rope. Ryker puts Lorcan on the top rope. Ryker lands a few clubbing blows before attempting a superplex. Lorcan pushes Ryker off the top rope. Lorcan walks right into a gut buster by Ryker. Ryker puts Lorcan in a bearhug. Lorcan fires up and lands few nasty chops. Lorcan hits the ropes and crushes Ryker with multiple running European uppercuts. Lorcan charges in for a splash in the corner but Ryker catches him with a clothesline that turns Lorcan inside out. Ryker drops Lorcan with No Remorse for the win.

Winner- Jaxson Ryker

Kairi Sane vs. Bianca Belair

Belair backflips out of a schoolboy attempt by Sane. Belair mocks Sane. Sane destroys Belair with a stiff elbow. Sane taunts Belair. Belair misses a clothesline. Sane spears Belair. Belair falls out of the ring. Sane hits a flying elbow off the apron. Belair kicks out Sane puts Belair in the Anchor. Belair forces her way out of it. Belair bodyslams Sane. Belair puts Sane in an abdominal stretch. Sane tries to escape. Belair backbreakers Sane. Belair tries to pin Sane with her foot on Sane’s chest. Sane puts Belair in an octopus stretch. Belair drives Sane into the corner.

Sane dropkicks Belair out of the ring. Sane reverses Belair’s suplex into a DDT. Ax kick followed by a two running blockbuster by Sane. Sliding D by Sane. Sane goes up top. Belair gets to her feet. Sane hits another diving elbow strike. Belair kicks out. Sane hits a spinning back fist. Sane goes back up top. Belair cuts off Sane. Belair superplexes Sane. Standing moonsault by Belair. Belair calls for the hair whip. Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke hit the ring and attack Belair to cause the disqualification.

Winner- Bianca Belair

After the match, the entire women’s locker room empties and they all try to pull the fatal four-way competitors apart. Belair gorilla press slams Lacey Lane over the top onto everyone. Io Shirai follows that with a moonsault off the top to the outside to take out everyone that was left standing.

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