Mattel WWE Series 95 Full Set Review (Photos)

Photo Credit: Bill Pritchard

The latest Mattel Basic series is here and it’s WWE Series 95, which you can currently get on!

The set includes:

  • Sonya Deville (with Chase variant)
  • AJ Styles
  • Rusev
  • Bray Wyatt
  • Kurt Angle (Flashback)

Sonya Deville

Sonya is easily the most sought after figure in this set being it’s her very first action figure and it looks just like her! The likeness is spot on and she has a Chase variant version as well, which comes in black attire versus the main release being in red attire. I think the red attire is nicer but the black contrasts a lot more, which is also pretty nice.

The red version has a spotted print design spread out over her outfit. Her skirt is made of rubber as well, making it more authentic. She features ball jointed legs as all female figures do these days, which is great for posing. She lacks ankle joints as all the WWE Series figures do now unfortunately, but you can still pose her pretty well for the most part. She also has her back tattoo and abdomen tattoo hidden a bit by her attire. Lastly, she has black hand/wrist tape to mimic her MMA-style outfit.

The black attire version is a simpler designed outfit with lighting bolt type designs on her skirt and sides of her bra. The figure is the same otherwise, just a different colored outfit.

Overall, she looks really nice. Of course I rather she be an Elite so you can pose her a lot more but it’s still a great rookie figure. Let’s hope Mattel makes an Elite of her later on but this one can at least go well with your Mandy Rose figure if you want to put them together! The Chase version is also limited, meaning it will be randomly packed in shipments of the set so if you don’t want to risk missing out then pick up the Chase on Ringside while they still have it.

AJ Styles

I love this AJ Styles figure for a Basic. The outfit is just awesome. Of course it looks like all of his other ones, but the colors just pop really well. I wish the head was his newer head sculpt as seen on his Elite 66 figure but it’s still decent. He features his turquoise and black attire with a lot of detail on his tights and even the logo on his elbow pad. He also has his toros tattoo, which is really nice and his kick pads have his P1 logos as well. Sometimes the Basic figures lack smaller details so it’s nice to see his have a lot. For example, his gloves don’t have all the details and logos that his latest Elite does.

Overall, it’s a decent AJ figure. I really like the colors of the outfit and hope we get an Elite version of it soon with his newer scan that looks more like him. If you’re looking for an updated AJ Basic I recommend it.


Rusev features his updated head scan as seen on his Elite 65 figure. It’s not my favorite scan as he looks miserable, but the likeness is pretty spot on. He has his short haircut, too. The torso is pretty thick, which is great for authenticity and it’s quite “hairy” too. He has the typical Rusev red, white and blue “Brute” trunks, tall black kneepads and his black boots. Not to mention his tattoo on his right shoulder.

Overall, if you wanted to use this figure for a head swap with an older Rusev Elite figure I’d recommend that, although you’d miss out on the swappable hand feature and Rusev Day shirt his Elite 65 figure has. Otherwise it’s pretty much the same as his other figures, just an updated head scan.

Bray Wyatt

This is probably my second favorite figure in the set. I’ve always been a mark for Wyatt, but this is his first figure in a long while and it features a new laughing head scan, which looks fantastic. The likeness is really spot on for him. The attire is pretty simple with his black shirt and pants, but his pants do have some colorful designs on the lower leg areas. He also features majority of his tattoos on his arms and torso area as well as his signature black glove. My only gripe with the glove is that the piece connecting the hand and wrist is skin tone than black to go with the glove, so it looks like a hole on his glove.

Overall, I do love this figure. I’m very partial to anything Bray Wyatt, but honestly this is a nice updated figure. Even if you buy him for a laughing head scan this is a great pickup as it features the newer True FX printing technology, making it a pretty detailed sculpt. This is supposed to be a part of his Epic Moments set but at this time I’m unsure if that is still releasing.

Kurt Angle

Kurt is a flashback to his earlier WWE days where he had a nice thick head of hair and a cheesy grin across his face. Mattel captured this quite well I must say. He features his read American flag attire with the stars and stripes going across his chest. He also features red elbow pads, blue knee pads and white boots.

Overall, the scan looks great and it’s nice to see a different colored attire for him. I’d love to see this as an Elite over a Basic style figure of course but I’m sure more Kurts on the way. His elbow pads restrict his elbow movement a bit as it’s a stiffer rubber while his knee pads are a bit easier to pose his knees as the back of the pads are open. Besides that it has the typical Basic figure articulation, which has its pros and cons. I like it for a Flashback Kurt as it’s a nice looking figure for a Basic.


This set is pretty good and definitely one of the better lineups as of late in my opinion. It’s nice to see a new face like Sonya be in it as well as her having an alternate attire. The Bray, Angle and AJ are also very nice. Honestly, there’s nothing wrong with Rusev either, it’s just not the most exciting figure but I still recommend them all if you enjoy the Basic line. Don’t sleep on getting Sonya’s chase though as it may be tough to find being it’s a chase and a female figure. You can currently get them on and SAVE 10% with discount code MBG at checkout!

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