Greg ‘The Hammer’ Valentine Explains Why He’s Not Happy With Kayfabe Being Ignored Today

WWE Hall Of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was recently interviewed by to promote the professional wrestling documentary ‘350 Days.’ Valentine explained why he isn’t happy with kayfabe being ignored today, and wanting fans to believe what he was doing inside the ring during his heyday.

Here are some highlights from the interview here:

Kayfabe essentially being ignored today:

I’m not OK with that, because I busted my (butt) trying to make everything believable,” said Valentine. “Now they think it’s all a show. I know guys still work real hard and stuff like that, but when you tip your hat toward convention and say it’s planned who’s going to win or loose, that ruins it as far as I’m concerned. Why would you have to tip your hat to something like that?

Wanting fans to believe what he did in the ring:

When I was wrestling, I wanted them to believe everything that I did in the ring. That’s why I worked solid, that’s why I hit guys hard, that’s why I had them hit me hard. It was all a different concept back then.

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