Ted DiBiase Recounts Family History Regarding WrestleMania Main Event, Kofi Kingston Cuts A Promo For The UUDD Championship

Ted DiBiase Recalls Family History Regarding WM Main Event

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase has had his share of moments at WrestleMania and even main-evented WrestleMania IV against Randy Savage for the vacated WWF Championship at the time. One of the greatest heels in wrestling has a long family history in the “one true sport” and DiBiase was sure to put his money behind Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch and Ronda Rousey headlining this years show, citing a moment when his mother, Helen Hild made history in Seattle 62 years ago:

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Kofi Kingston Cuts A Promo For The UUDD Championship

The WWE Championship isn’t the only title Kofi Kingston will be competing for coming up. Kingston is in the UpUpDownDown Championship tournament and the 11-year WWE veteran recently cut a promo on why he thinks he’ll be the one to take the gaming gold:

Pink, White, and Blue – those are the lucky colors of the UpUpDownDown Championship, and the colors that Kofi Kingston just so happens to be wearing at this very moment! While rocking his custom UUDD sneakers, Mr. 24/7 believes that its fate that he will win the Championship Tournament Finals and possibly become a “double champion” this week. Kofi respects his competitors, but he does not think anyone can stop him from being the first ever UUDD Champion, ESPECIALLY not Mikaze a.k.a Mr. Castle.