WWE SmackDown Live Results (4/2/19)

In Ring Segment: The IIconics

The IIconics remind us all that they have a shot at the tag titles at WrestleMania.

In Ring Segment: The Miz

Miz says WrestleMania is about retribution for Miz. Miz says this is the best version of himself. What Miz is going to do to Shane McMahon cannot be contained in the ring. Miz is fighting for his dad’s honor. Miz calls Shane a son of a bitch.

One-on-Three Handicap Match: The Miz vs SAnitY

Shane comes out on the stage and says he wants to watch this match. Miz forces Eric Young into the corner. Miz lands a few strikes. After a distraction by Dain, Young drops Miz with a neck breaker. After the break, Shane tells Miz the match is now a falls count anywhere match. Miz shows Miz his new screen saver, which is a picture of Shane grabbing Mr. Miz by the face. Miz sidesteps Dain’s splash. Miz sends Wolfe into the crowd. Miz suplexes Wolfe through a table. Miz drags Young into the backstage area. Miz sends Young into a garage door. Miz hits Young in the head with a luggage bin. Miz gets the pinfall.

Winner- The Miz

Shane laughs at Miz as his driver pulls off. A police car pulls up and Becky Lynch gets out. Lynch power walks to the ring.

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