Scott Steiner To Hornswoggle: ‘I’m Gonna Beat Your Ass & Satisfy Your Woman’

Absolute Intense Wrestling’s WrestleMania 35 week show will have a featured bout between Scott Steiner and Hornswoggle. It’s an odd pairing, and one that Scott Steiner almost didn’t accept. However, it’s now quite personal after the “Big Bad Booty Daddy” called out the former WWE star.

“You are literally half my size,” said Steiner. “You are a freaking midget! Now, I know that this [isn’t] politically correct, so I’ll refrain from calling you a midget from now on. But listen up you short little bastard, this match has been advertised for a month now and you had a chance to call it off which makes me believe that you think you can beat me. That you believe that ‘great things come in small packages.’ But the saying that I keep hearing from your girlfriend is that your small package doesn’t fit in her big box. That’s never been a problem for the big bad booty daddy. Come April 4, you short little son of a b—, I’m going to beat your ass and satisfy your woman.”

Check out the full promo below:

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