Noam Dar Posts Hilarious Injury Update, Suffers From ‘HarderThanYerDad-itus’

Despite appearing to suffer a significant knee injury at the recent NXT UK taping, Noam Dar is going to be just fine. Rather than any tears, he just suffered from a sprain and a bone bruise. So, while he’ll be sore, he isn’t in terrible shape.

In his Twitter update, which was appropriately posted on April Fool’s Day, Dar explained that he is suffering from something, though. In fact, it’s the rare genetic diseases “HarderThanYerDad-itus.” This condition “only effects 11/11 wee spicy legends named Noam,” and means that he’s “harder than every single one of them [and] their dads.”

Good to know!

Check out Noam’s hilarious update below:

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