Ryback & Jim Cornette Praise ‘Last Week Tonight’ Piece On WWE Contracts

Both the “unproblematic icon” Ryback and Jim Cornette have weighed-in on today’s hot topic of wrestlers deserving benefits and employee status. Earlier today, they both gave an endorsement to Last Week Tonight‘s scathing look at WWE contracts.

“Every wrestler and every fan should watch this and understand what has been going on for far too long,” said Ryback. “It’s 2019 and I have no doubts changes will be made sooner rather than later.”

After a fan tweeted expressed outrage about fans boycotting, Ryback shut him down. “You’re a f—ing idiot. Everything the guy said is 100 percent true. Unless you have been there and actually understand what is going on shut the f— up. You’re a f—ing mark and not a fan, remember that.”

Finally, he said that wrestlers can make a change. “If every single WWE talent retweeted this today there would be a real chance for change, but if they all don’t do it they risk the consequences. It’s up to us as humans to hold them accountable for the environment they created. Now is the time for this s— to change.”

As far as Cornette went, he had similar praise. “Well, after a complete viewing, this is the absolute most truthful outside media piece I’ve seen on wrestling in over 40 years.”

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