WWE Elite Red Rooster Action Figure, Ringside Brood Hardy Boyz Exclusive Figure Images (Photos)

It’s already April and it’s kicking off with some exciting news in the wrestling action figure world! The highly anticipated WWE Elite Red Rooster action figure is finally releasing and Ringside Collectibles released new images of their upcoming Brood Hardy Boyz exclusive figures!

WWE Elite Red Rooster Action Figure

Mattel revealed a WWE Elite Red Rooster action figure over a year or so ago as it was going to be part of the exclusive Toys R Us oddball WWE flashback characters series. Unfortunately Toys R Us went out of business and threw everything out of sorts, making this figure get lost in the shuffle. Finally, just yesterday, WWE released an article with glam photos of the upcoming figure as well as announcing it would be going on sale on Target.com this Thursday, April 4th! They haven’t said what time yet so be sure to keep an eye out on the Target website for it. You can see photos of it below in the gallery.

Ringside Brood Hardy Boyz Exclusive Figure Images

RingsideCollectibles.com released mint on card images of their new, upcoming WWE Brood Hardy Boyz Elite 2-pack today and the packaging looks amazing! They come with swappable hands as well as the older style tag title belts from the 90s. Not to mention they have cloth shirts!

Ringside will also be having new pre-orders going up today around 3pm/eastern so be sure to use discount code MBG at checkout to SAVE 10%!

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