Johnny Gargano Has Big Attire Plans For NXT TakeOver, R-Truth ‘Endures’ Sheamus On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

Johnny Gargano has donned some impressive gear over the course of his NXT TakeOver appearances. Being a huge comic book fan,  “Johnny Wrestling” could have been called “Johnny Webslinger” or “Blind Johnny” with the homage he’s paid to characters like Daredevil and Spider-Man in the past and according to Gargano, he’s got some big plans for TakeOver this Saturday in New York City.

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R-Truth ‘Endures’ Sheamus On ‘Celtic Warrior Workouts’

R-Truth shows Sheamus “What’s Up” with endurance training as one half of The Bar drops the latest episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts:

WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… He’s ageless, an immortal, like, imagine if The Highlander could rap! My man R-Truth has an inspirational six pack and an inspirational back story. Yes, he was late to the game but he’s not going anywhere any time soon… He’ll be wrestling when he’s 90 and still looking 30.

So I’ve always wanted to know his secrets to aging like a fine wine and it turns out a lot of it is down to his workout philosophy. Sure he’s had injuries but R-Truth drops his ego and the weight when he hits the gym only training to strengthen his weak points, and keep that toned core in check. When we hit the gym together Truth showed me how he works at strengthening his Scapula with high reps and low weight. And how he also keeps his abs hard as rock with a unique approach to core exercises. Plus, there’s a Dance Break but then there always is when you… Brave Change.