Daga Praises IMPACT Wrestling, Talks Adapting His In-Ring Style For US Crowds

Daga recently spoke to Fightful ahead of their United We Stand event with Lucha Underground. He discussed how professional IMPACT Wrestling is and how he’s adapted his style for a US crowd.

Check out highlights below:

On working with IMPACT:

In my experience, the first time I set foot inside this company, I always tried to act professionally and I got the same kind of treatment that I expected and hoped for and was treated with a lot of respect. They have always treated me well as a professional and I’m grateful for giving the chance to step inside their ring and also for the opportunity to be in there with such professional people.

On adapting his wrestling style:

I think that’s part of the evolution of wrestling. We’ve become people that will just wrestle and not back down. In turn, we try to do the best we can and if it’s necessary to go down and have the kind of matches that Pentagon and Sami have, which are very extreme, I think we can get there. But as you said, the talent roster in its entirety has the capacity to work a bunch of different styles. I started off working in lucha libre, but when I went to Japan, I had to go and learn the Japanese style. I’m now in the United States and I’m trying to learn more about their style. If I have to do a hardcore match, I’ll do it. We’re right now living in a time in wrestling where you either learn everything or fall behind.