AIW’s John Thorne Explains Why Scott Steiner Had Reservations In Facing Hornswoggle

Absolute Intense Wrestling’s WrestleMania 35 week show will feature a marquee bout between Scott Steiner and Hornswoggle. It’s an odd pairing, and one that Scott Steiner was hesitant to accept. Fightful talked to AIW owner John Thorne about how the match came together.

“I don’t know what his hours of operation are, but he’ll usually text me between the hours of 2 AM and 4 AM on a Wednesday,” said Thorne. “I get like a text that says ‘Do you have me booked against Swoggle?’ like six weeks ago. I respond, and don’t get a response for weeks. I was a little nervous on how he was taking that. He called me last week and was explaining his, I guess reservations about the match. I can’t make this stuff up. He was worried about how the match was going to end up because of WCW entering him into a midget tossing contest in 2000 or 2001. He said it was really difficult for him to work with a midget and lift them up, but he’s not opposed to it. It’s a very strange dynamic and we’re trying to work our way through it. I don’t know how Scott Steiner vs. Swoggle is going to turn out. We wanted to do something so far outside of the box and that nobody would ever book, and would get attention on the show.”

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