First Molds Being Made For Statue Of The Crusher, Gene Okerlund’s Strong Connection To AWA Legend

 The Journal Sentinel has covered the process of a statue being made of the late AWA legend Reggie “The Crusher” Lisowski in light of the upcoming inaugural “Crusherfest” set to take place in Milwaukee this June. According to the Sentinel piece, the first molds are currently cooling as fans and relatives of The Crusher stood by to witness the moment. Crusher’s daughters Dawn Lisowski and Sherri Brozoski were both in attendance and each of them commented on the impeccable resemblance the statue has of their iconic father.

“It’s surreal,” Brozoski said of the whole experience. Her sister agreed.

The design of the statue has been kept secret, however, both sisters have seen a life-size version of it.

“(Milwaukee artist Thomas Holleran) was able to capture the Crusher’s spirit,” Brozoski said.

Both daughters said the pose will be a compilation of various known poses and is highly detailed even including the scars on his forehead.

“You almost expect him to say something,” Lisowski said of the statue.

The article continues to focus on the late Gene Okerlund, who was a huge complimentary personality in tandem Crusher’s on-air character.

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